A photo of our featured alumni, Keaton, and her family.

A Message from Renascent’s CEO & Board Chair

Two and half years into the COVID-19 pandemic, Renascent’s deep commitment to helping people with addictions, and the dedication and compassion of the Renascent team, extraordinarily shines through.

“Team Renascent”, comprised of our amazing and generous staff members, our volunteer Boards of Directors, our generous donors, and our committed community partners, have rallied together to improve and expand treatment services in the face of extraordinary adversity.

As one of the few community inpatient addiction treatment providers in Ontario, Renascent began the process of re-building in-house treatment capacity over the last year, while ensuring excellent infection prevention and control procedures. Our teams continued to flex and innovate in response to COVID-19, rapidly transforming procedures to minimize treatment disruptions, and maximize the number of people served through our centres. Based on these extraordinary efforts, we were able to overcome many barriers created by the pandemic, and increase the number of people served in our inpatient treatment programs over the year by 29% (or 208 more people accessed care over the same period last year).

Innovation and growth continued throughout the year in response to the unprecedented need in our communities. Virtual pre-treatment groups were developed and delivered to meet the needs of people on our growing wait list. Renascent’s new Virtual Intensive Treatment Program was further established and expanded with new provincial funding, almost doubling the number of people served. Compared to the year prior, 42% more people were served through this innovative model of care. 

At the same time, Renascent’s Continuing Care, Family Program and Alumni teams continued to connect with those in great need, expanding our reach of these programs through virtual platforms. Incredibly, our Client Care and Access Centre team responded to the rising community need by managing over 32,000 calls – a 14% increase over prior year and 22% increase in calls since 2019. This increase equates to more than 7,000 more calls since COVID-19 emerged.

Through it all, and under the long haul of COVID-19 strain, our teams across the entire organization continued to put their incredible dedication into their work. Whether working virtually or in-person, through direct service or support services/administration, our teams have done incredible
work to achieve these results.

As we continue to face challenging external factors, donors, volunteers and community partners remain critical to our organization’s ability to meet clients’ needs and help more people begin their journey of recovery. Renascent is immensely grateful to our donors for their generosity and essential financial support of our Inpatient, Family, Children, Continuing Care, and Alumni Programs. 

With 52 years of history, Renascent continues to bring together people committed to helping those impacted by addiction in our communities. This is the heart of Renascent, and this is what has driven our impact over the last year. Thank you Team Renascent!

A photographic headshot of Laura Bhoi, Chief Executive Officer

Laura Bhoi
Chief Executive Officer
Renascent Fellowship and
Renascent Foundation

A photographic headshot of Sue Jaffe, President and Chair, Renascent Fellowship and Renascent Foundation Boards

Sue Jaffe
President and Chair
Renascent Fellowship and
Renascent Foundation Boards

Charting a New Way Forward

In September 2021, Renascent launched its new 2021-2026 Strategic Plan: Collaboration, Innovation, and Investment – an ambitious ­roadmap that builds upon the organization’s many strengths and its legacy. 

As part of the development process, a myriad of internal and external stakeholders were engaged to provide input, including Renascent’s many clients, staff, volunteers, donors, alumni, community partners, and others – who are at the heart of Renascent’s work. Through this thorough process, Renascent reconfirmed its purpose and commitment to the communities it serves, and updated the organization’s Mission, Vision and Values. Also critical to this process, was incorporating input from racialized and marginalized groups, to ensure that our path forward incorporates the voices of those who face systemic barriers. 

Renascent formulated four Strategic Pillars to anchor the organizations’ work for the next five years: Program Development and Scope; Funding, Partnerships and Business Development; Diversity and Inclusion; and People and Infrastructure. 

With this new Strategic Plan, Renascent is maximizing its ability to provide high-quality care and evolving to meet the growing and complex needs of people who are experiencing substance use issues, as well as their loved ones and family members. 

Renascent is extremely grateful to KPMG LLP, who led the strategic planning process and provided months of service on a pro bono basis, and to the many stakeholders whose input has shaped this Plan. 

A photograph of showing the screen of an iPad with the Strategic Plan cover visible.

Innovating and Bolstering Inpatient Care

Recreating Community Support in our Centres

Community is a pillar of recovery and Renascent strives to create a strong sense of community for clients from the moment they are admitted into one of our programs. For inpatient clients, this is especially true as clinical teams work to lay a foundation of recovery that incorporates community 12-step meetings. Typically these meetings help clients connect with others in recovery outside of the treatment centre setting and is one of the critical practices clients are encouraged to continue when they return home.

However, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, in-person 12-step meetings in the community were discontinued to ensure the safety of everyone. Concerned about the impact this would have on clients’ longer-term recovery, Renascent’s inpatient treatment centres sought to bolster inpatient care by recreating these meetings in the centres themselves.

“Since clients could not go to meetings in the community while they were in treatment with us, we created our own weekly 12-step meetings right here to ensure they were able to get a sense for how these meetings work and to immerse themselves further in the process of recovery,” said Abshir Yusuf, Manager, Renascent Madison Avenue Centre. “Additionally, clients were also introduced to virtual 12-step meetings, recognizing that online meetings are very accessible, especially when clients are no longer in treatment.”


A photograph of two people hugging at a support group.

Delivering Safe, Quality Care

Each Renascent treatment centre team has followed strict infection prevention and controls in alignment with the Ministry of Health, to ensure the continuity of Renascent’s programs and services throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. Staff across the treatment centres have played a crucial role in ensuring clients continue to receive high-quality care and feel safe while doing so.

“Staff did everything possible to bolster the treatment experience for our clients. Managing outbreaks, continuing to focus on the client ­experience, healing and recovery, all against the backdrop of COVID-19 have been challenging and deeply rewarding. There is no bigger win than that,” said Jessica Maronski, Manager, Renascent Graham Munro Centre.


An image of two women wearing face masks sitting at a table together.

Ontario Government Funds Renascent’s Virtual Intensive Treatment Program

When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit in 2020, Renascent developed its Virtual Intensive Treatment Program (VITP) to address the lack of intensive treatment programs in the health care system and the rapidly growing wait times for addiction treatment. In summer 2021, the Ontario Government announced new funding for this program in the amount of $1.25M, making it available at no cost to clients aged 16 years and older.

In the 2021-2022 fiscal year, VITP admitted 291 clients into the program, an increase of more than 80 per cent. The Program – which was previously donor funded – provides essential addiction treatment to clients on a part-time basis and allows them the flexibility of attending sessions online from the comfort of their own homes.

“With escalating rates of substance use and addiction across our communities, it is critical to ramp up the health care system’s treatment capacity and look at incorporating innovative approaches to treatment,” said Laura Bhoi, Chief Executive Officer, Renascent. “The provincial government’s investment in Renascent’s Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program adds urgently needed intensive outpatient treatment for Ontarians with substance use disorders, using a promising new virtual model.”

Abstinence-focused and grounded in evidence-based practices, the Program offers intensive, person-centred care, supporting people at various stages of their recovery pathway. For many people, this Program provides the intensive treatment they need to gain stability and new skills. For others, it may offer an essential transition step from inpatient treatment. Clients who access the program receive six weeks of intensive programming, followed by Continuing Care, as well as access to Renascent’s donor-funded Alumni and Family Programs.

A program evaluation in being conducted in partnership with Ontario Shores and the results will be available in fall 2022.


A photograph showing one of our Virtual Intesive Treatment Program staff.

A photograph collage with Keaton's image very large as the main focal point. There's a smaller circle inset photo of her with her parents.

After being in active addiction for five years, Keaton became desperate for help.

“For the longest time I was in complete denial. It didn’t matter that addiction led me to institutions. Though that was where I gave up – in prison,” shares Keaton candidly. “I put my hands up and said I can’t quit on my own. It was life or death at that point.” 

Feeling at the end of her road, Keaton entered treatment at Renascent in December 2020. 

“I came into treatment with an open mind. I was there over Christmas and New Year’s and it was the best of experience of my life,” she says.

Keaton spent 28 days in treatment at Renascent Graham Munro Centre, treating every moment as a masterclass in recovery.

“You go into treatment feeling very desperate. Having a safe place to sleep and to be warm, and to have another day sober makes all of the difference. It felt so nice to know that I would wake up in a bed and have three good meals and snacks,” said Keaton. “While I was there the counsellors at Renascent showed me that I will come out of this experience as a more whole person.”

Keaton credits the incredible support she received from her parents with helping her get started on her journey of recovery. Both of Keaton’s parents attended Renascent’s donor-funded Family Program which helps loved ones of clients in treatment find their own recovery. Renascent treats addiction as a family disease and provides group and one-on-one counselling for children and other family members, which helps those impacted by addiction find long-term recovery. 

“My family supported me 110%. They wanted me to go to treatment long before I thought I needed it. They would come to my aid when I needed them and they kept trying to keep me safe,” shares Keaton. “When I went into treatment at Renascent my parents had such a sense of relief. My family supported me and knew that if I did the 12 Steps and went to treatment, that one day I’d be able to share my story of recovery.”

After attending inpatient treatment, Keaton continued treatment remotely through Renascent’s donor-funded Continuing Care Program. She attended weekly group sessions online and kept up with theProgram’s homework assignments.

“I needed the additional learning to be able to continue growing in my recovery,” shares Keaton. “At the time it was my only obligation and it helped keep me on the path of recovery. Even after treatment ended, the team at Renascent was still helping me, and are still to this day.”

Today, life looks very different for Keaton. She has become very involved in the recovery community. She is a sponsor and a volunteer at the Alcoholics Anonymous Crisis Line, helping others who require emergency help. Her mental health and physical health has also improved.

“As a result of going to Renascent I got my job back and all of my charges were expunged. I can be a daughter, granddaughter and a sister again. I have healthy relationships. I can be so present at dinners and birthdays,” says Keaton. “My family is so grateful.” 

In gratitude of the life-saving care Keaton received, her parents, brother, and grandmother became Renascent donors. A note from Keaton’s ­grandmother to Renascent Foundation reads, “Thank you for saving my granddaughter’s life.”

A photograph of three diverse people including two women of colour and a caucasian man.

Enhancing Renascent’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Renascent is committed to the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion, and working to understand the barriers and biases that exist today, so that we may effectively address them moving forward. As part of this commitment, diversity and inclusion has been established as one of Renascent’s corporate values and as a Strategic Pillar under the new 2021-2026 Strategic Plan. Key goals and objectives have been developed to guide our actions with staff, clients, alumni, and communities in the time ahead, as we work toward ensuring our programs, services, and environment are inclusive for all people. 

Renascent recognizes that education plays in important role in driving inclusivity and equity, and has continued to make progress on this front. As part of annual Recovery Month activities, Renascent hosted an education event entitled, “Addressing anti-Black racism in mental health and addiction care.” Health care professionals from across Ontario were invited to attend the virtual session which examined the mental health and well-being challenges faced by Black Canadians. The event, which was well attended and sponsored by the Canadian Centre for Certified Addictions Counsellors, was led by Professor Akwatu Khenti, Renascent Board of Director and Ontario’sfirst Assistant Deputy Minister for the Anti-Racism Directorate.

In September, Renascent observed Canada’s first ever National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. As an organization, Renascent understands the need to honour, respect, and embrace the voices of Indigenous people who call Canada home. Recognizing National Day of Truth and Reconciliation and working in partnership with Indigenous groups is a part of Renascent’s responsibility to listen, learn and understand about the systemic racism and injustice these groups experience, and take action to promote justice and equity for Indigenous people in our work and service.

Shining a Spotlight on Recovery

Every September, Renascent joins organizations across the globe in recognizing the life-changing impact of addiction treatment during Recovery Month.

This past year, Renascent held a series of events and activities aimed at building deeper connections with clients and alumni, providing hope to those who are still living with addiction, educating and empowering members of our community, and celebrating recovery.

Renascent’s main event was the Vigil of Hope, which was held on September 27, at Renascent Madison Avenue Centre and broadcast to guests virtually. Ontario has seen a 74% increase in the number of people who identified having a mental health or addictions issue, and the event aimed to spread messages of hope, share positive stories about addiction recovery, and challenge the stigma associated with this illness. 

The Honourable Michael Tibollo, Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, and Jessica Bell, Member of Provincial Parliament for University-Rosedale were in attendance and delivered remarks. Two Renascent alumni shared their remarkable recovery stories with the audience. Later that night, the CN Tower was alight in Renascent’s corporate colours – red, blue, and yellow – as a beacon of hope for those who are still struggling with addiction. 

As part of the Recovery Month activities, Renascent alumni and clients were invited to attend a series of events including, a night of fun and games; a special Big Speaker Meeting – where guest speakers shared their stories of recovery; a recovery-focused creative writing workshop held in partnership with Writers Collective of Canada; and health care workers were invited to attend a Renascent education session about the impact of stigma on the Black community.

Throughout Recovery Month, members of the public were invited to make a donation to Renascent Foundation to support the recovery of clients who cannot afford the cost of ­treatment. Thanks to their generosity, more than $23,000 was raised. 

A photograph showing many uplifting notes pined on cards to a fence.

Funding Life-Saving Care Through Charitable Giving

Donor support is essential to the delivery and success of Renascent’s life-saving programs and services. Over the last year, the generosity of our donors has helped Renascent bridge the gap between the public funding we receive and the full cost of treatment for Renascent’s government funded inpatient program, and has sustained our Continuing Care, Family, Children’s, and Alumni Programs.

“We continue to be in awe of the generosity that our donors display and are grateful for their ongoing support for our life-saving programs and services. The donations we receive have an invaluable impact on the lives of many. They help give clients and their loved ones hope for a brighter future and the opportunity to thrive once again,” said Christina Selvaggio, Manager of Philanthropy, Renascent Foundation. “We continue to be grateful to our donors for their contributions – big and small – as they all make a difference for the communities we serve.”

An image of a woman of colour holding a puppet as part of one of the programs for children.
A photograph with one of our long-term recovery counsellors, Michael.

Enabling Long-Term Recovery

Aftercare is a key component to long-term recovery and Renascent’s Continuing Care Program received an additional boost to provide education and support for clients who have completed intensive addiction treatment. Last year, Renascent secured a $300,000 gift from an anonymous donor to support the recovery of more than 200 clients over three years. 

“Continuing care and support is extremely important after an intensive inpatient treatment program, as clients integrate new learnings and coping skills into their daily lives,” said Laura Bhoi, Chief Executive Officer, Renascent. “Renascent is tremendously grateful for the generosity of this family, whose contributions to our Continuing Care Program will make this critical supportive treatment more accessible to people in need. The donation will go a long way in helping our clients build their recovery as they return to daily life outside of the structuredenvironment inpatient treatment provides.”

Transforming Renascent Paul J. Sullivan Centre

Renascent’s treatment centres are renowned for their home-like atmosphere, which helps people feel comfortable and safe while in the early stages of their recovery. Thanks to the generosity of donors, the transformation of Renascent Paul J. Sullivan Centre (Sullivan Centre) – which began in 2020 – has continued overthe last year. 

Significant renovations to reinforce and rebuild the foundation and heritage verandah at Sullivan Centre, are now complete, thanks to support from Ontario’s Health’s Capital Infrastructure Fund.

An anonymous donor funded the purchase of new chairs for the centre’s living room, common areas, and group room, making these treasured safe spaces even more warmand tranquil for clients. 

Paul Mulvihill Charitable Foundation and Muskoka Chair Company also donated Muskoka chairs and tables to the treatment centre, connecting the Paul Mulivihill Foundation, and Paul’s founding legacy with Renascent and the recovery community, while bringing a feel of cottage country to Sullivan Centre.

An image with three photographic images in circles showing the renovations completed. One image portrays the new chairs as a whole and the other two are the engravings of the donor logo and Renascent logo.

Leaving a Legacy that Supports Recovery

While we all wish no one experienced addiction, the reality is that generations to come will rely on Renascent to provide life-saving addiction and mental heath treatment, and life-changing support.

With an eye toward meeting the future needs of our communities, Renascent launched the Lifetime Recovery Legacy Fund last fall. This Legacy Fund ensures people who require addiction treatment in the months and years ahead continue to have barrier-free access to essential addiction programs and services. 

As part of the Fund’s launch, Renascent hosted an open house for current and prospective donors to share more about legacy giving and estate planning. The event was lead by Pedram Kaya, Vice President, Asset Based Finance at Peoples Trust Company and Brad Offman, Founder and Managing Partner at Spire Philanthropy. 

“Renascent’s Legacy Program is an impactful way for anyone to share kindness which can be continued long after they are gone. To ensure we can all continue to provide assistance to future generations, consider leaving a gift in your Will to Renascent Foundation or naming Renascent Foundation as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.”

– Manu Sud, Board Member and Chair of Legacy Committee

A photo of a mature asian couple smiling while embracing.

Signature Events & Awards

Road to Recovery Walkathon/Run

Walkers and runners alike, laced up their shoes throughout September to participate in Renascent’s Road to Recovery Walkathon/Run to raise funds for Renascent’s addiction treatment programs and services. The month-long event, raised $15,500 for Renascent to provide accessible addiction treatment to people in need. 

“Donors play an integral role in Renascent’s ability to carry out its mission and we are grateful for the support that the event received again this year,” Tania Archer, Director of Business Development and Philanthropy. “We are proud of the many participants who chose to walk or run for others who are still struggling with this deadly illness.”

Renascent Addictions Counsellor, Brittany McDonald and Renascent Alumni, Jason Hillier lead their team, called The Jaywalkers team, who raised more than $10,000 in support of Renascent. 


A photograph showing participants in our Road to Rocovery Walkathon/Run event.

Recovery Shot

To ensure the health and safety of everyone during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Renascent did not hold its annual Renascent Recovery Shot in 2021. Instead, many long-time dedicated sponsors and golfers generously transformed their support into direct donations toward Renascent’s Mission. Collectively, our Recovery Shot supporters raised $93,163 for life-saving addiction treatment, despite there being no golf tournament. Special thanks to Unifor and Ford who have been Recovery Shot Supports for 26 years, collectively renewing their annual sponsorship of $48,000. 

A photograph showing a man golfing at our annual Recovery Shot golf tournament.

Guardian Angel Celebration

Every year, Renascent is thrilled to recognize the contributions of Guardian Angel level donors at the annual Guardian Angel Celebration. To ensure the health and safety of guests and staff, the event was held virtually on June 17, 2021. Guests had the opportunity to hear from three Renascent alumni who shared what a profound impact donor generosity had on enabling their life-changing recovery.

In years past, the in-person Guardian Angel Celebration was generously sponsored by long-time Guardian Angels and Renascent donors, Stephen and Arlene Waymire. Last year, the Waymire’s generously donated $11,000 in support of the Guardian Angel Program and continue to be strong Renascent Champions.

A photograph of Stephen and Alrene Waymire at our Guardian Angel Celebration.

Yielding Family Legacy Recovery Award

Renascent named T.P. Sheehan, Volunteer, Paul J. Sullivan Centre, and Cynthia Langill, Graham Munro Centre, Addictions Counsellor and Registered Psychotherapist, recipients of the 2021 Yielding Family Legacy Recovery Awards. The award winners were announced during Renascent’s annual Guardian Angel donor recognition event, which was held virtually for the second year.

The Yielding Family Legacy Recovery Award is given annually to two recipients who have made a tremendous impact at Renascent and in the recovery community. The awards are in honour of Dr. Ed Yielding, former Medical Director at Renascent, and his wife Bobby, who was also his assistant.

T.P. has volunteered at Renascent since 2018, and is now employed as an Addictions Counsellor at Sullivan Centre. T.P. initially volunteered, at Renascent’s Madison Avenue and Sullivan Centres, then later pursued studies in the field of addictions before securing his role at Sullivan.

.Cynthia – who has been a Renascent employee for over nine years – has supported the recovery of many women through inpatient treatment and has played an integral role in several fundraising initiatives, including Renascent Laughs and the Toronto Novel Marathon. Both events, have raised tens of thousands of dollars for Renascent since their inception.

In 2021, the Award was renamed from the Dr. Ed and Bobby Yielding Award to the Yielding Family Legacy Recovery Award, after Linda Yielding – the couple’s daughter who was also a tireless advocate for recovery and a Renascent supporter – passed away in 2021.

Linda wanted to ensure that those who dedicated their work towards bettering the lives of others through stewardship of recovery and by supporting Renascent’s Mission were honoured for their trailblazing contributions.

A photographic image showing both T.P. Sheehan and Cynthia Langill.

Donors (organizations and foundations)

Thank you to the many individuals, groups, and organizations who have donated to Renascent Foundation over the past year. We are grateful for their generosity.

Abundance Canada

Algoma Central Corporation

Alice and Murray Maitland Foundation

Andrew Peller Limited

Anonymous Donor 

Bell Canada – Employee Giving Program

Benefaction Foundation

BMO Employee Charitable Foundation

Book Baby

CAF Canada

Canada Gives

Canadian Addiction Counsellors
Certification Federation

Carson Dunlop Consulting Engineers

CHUM Charitable Foundation

Circle Taxi Inc.

Climatemp Systems Ltd.

Comeback Snacks Inc

Cyber Grants SPV, LLC

DivorceMate Software Inc.

ECHO Foundation

Gale Rubenstein Professional Corporation

General Motors

Give Foundation

Green Shield Canada

Healthcare Excellence Canada

Historic Restoration

Hodgson Family Foundation

HTS Engineering

IBEW Local 353

IBM Employee Charitable Fund

Industrial Alliance Financial Group

Intact Insurance

Jewish Community Foundation


Lear Corporation/Hqtrs

Magna International Inc.

Mr. Dairy & Food Distributing Ltd.

National Bank Finance


Oakville Community Foundation

Ontario Medical Association

Paul Mulvihill Charitable Foundation

PayPal Giving Fund Canada

Pickup Plumbing Contractors Ltd.

Queen Mother Cafe

R.Havery Landscape & Custom Horticulture Contracting Inc

RBC Charitable Foundation

Redpath Sugars

Robert Half

Rotary Club of Scarborough

Rouge Valley Cardiology

Sun Life Financial Company

Superior Crane

Sydney & Florence Cooper Foundation

T.E.I.B.A.S. Ltd./ I.B.E.W

The Ben and Hilda Katz Charitable Foundation

The Cadillac Fairview Corp.

The Ford Motor Company

The Norman & Margaret Jewison
Charitable Foundation

The Woodbridge Group

Thursday Hockey Group

Toronto Community Foundation


UNIFOR Local 112

UNIFOR Local 1987

UNIFOR Local 200 Social Justice Fund

UNIFOR Local 252

UNIFOR Local 591G

United Way of Greater Toronto

Vincent A. Mercier Professional Corporation

Wajax Limited

Williams Wilson Sherport Foundation

XYZ Storage

Financials and Reporting

Renascent Foundation Inc. Statement of Revenue and Expenses (year ended March 31)

An image showing the Financials statements. For an accessible version, please review the PDF available at the bottom of this website.

Renascent Fellowship Statement of Revenue and Expenses (year ended March 31)

An image showing the Financials statements. For an accessible version, please review the PDF available at the bottom of this website.

2020-2021 By the Numbers

An infographic reading our client centre team handled 32,418 phone calls from people looking for support.
An infographic reading we delivered a total of 18,589 patient days. Patient days represents the combined length of stays for each of the individuals served via our inpatient treatment program.
An infographic reading 1,372 people received the tools to recover from the impacts of addiction through counselling across our inpatient and outpatient programs.
A series of three photographs in circles showing various elements of our treatment centres or team members.
  • 520 people were admitted into intensive inpatient treatment in our treatment homes.

  • 153 people participated in Pre-treatment Group sessions prior to attending inpatient or outpatient treatment, all funded by donors.
  • 291 people were admitted to treatment in our new Virtual Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program, completely supported through bursaries.
  • 318 children, parents, siblings, partners, and loved ones participated in our Essential Family Care Programs through our new virtual platforms. 186 were supported through bursaries. 
  • 320 people received Continuing Care treatment through our new virtual platform. 106 of these people received the treatment through bursaries.
  • 157 monthly Renascent Foundation donors.
  • $740,475 funds raised to support Renascent’s life-saving work.
  • 76 full-time staff and 35 part-time and relief staff, from cooks to counsellors, fundraisers to finance made up Team Renascent.
A series of three photographs in circles showing various elements of our treatment centres or team members.